Inspired by free thinkers like Bowie and Warhol, those four men want to „break through the barriers of normality“. Their musical influences are diverse, ranging from acts like Radiohead, Foals and Lana Del Rey to the HipHop poetry of Kendrick Lamar.

„Everything happens so fast nowadays and therefore we have forgotten to listen to our inner voice“ says the singer Matija. „On our album we tell the story of a generation that withers away in social networks but retains a close bond to each other.“ he continues with a shy smile „The album deals with love and loss. You will find both.“

With the help of producer Johann Sheerer (known for producing Peter Doherty, Bosnian Rainbows) it was made possible to keep the thread that navigates the listener though an album consisting of many different styles and feelings. It is hard to tell what keeps it all together. It might be the unique voice of Matija. It might also be the virtuosity of the band. Most probably it is the combination of both.

There is so much to be discovered: Be it the nostalgic feeling of the first single „Song For Celine“ that conveys this dreamy Shoegaze-Momentum, „5th Avenue“ which has this Upbeat-Funk vibe to it, „White Socks“ has the potential to get everyone dancing at any Indie-Disco around the globe, „Justify Your Love“ is a desperate love song, „Hello My Creator“ deals with growing up in a patchwork-family and „Mexico“ is a soulful Blues that transports you right behind the steering wheel, driving along a long, lonesome desert road.

The word eclecticism springs to mind. But this might be the trademark for the generation of digital natives that take the easy access to the entire music catalogue for granted. Those are the people who not only know everything about the latest hypes and hippest trends but also worked their way through the Beatles-catalogue. That might be the reason why Matija sounds like John Lennon when he says: „If we let love and music be our guide we could make a difference. And I know this might sound a little clich├ęd“ he smiles.

Music is more than just sound. Music is visual and even ideological. It can be fashion and it is capable of building cultural and social bridges. The power of art drives Matija to be more than just sound. Matija are aesthetes, gentlemen, free thinkers, punks, androgynous dandies and nerds.

„Song for Celine“ is released on May 12.
The debut album will be released on Oct 20 2017.

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